Town of Granite Utility Information

This information is provided to all new utility accounts upon payment of meter deposits as follows: 

Residential Customers
Commercial Customers

Electric, Gas and Water Meters are read on or about the 25th of the month.

Waste Disposal Rates

Garbage is billed to every residence in the city limits of Granite and picked up once a week.  This service costs
$15.00 per month.  Each residence will be furnished a 90 gallon poly cart.  Businesses are furnished a trash dumpster upon request and are charged $47.00 a month for one pickup a week and $92.00 if picked up twice a week for each container. 

Sewerage Rates are $8.00 per month

Water Rates

Inside City Limits
Outside City Limits
First 1,000 gallons (min)
2,000-9,000 gallons
10,000-19,000 gallons
All over 20,000 gallons

Gas Rates

First 1,000 cu.ft. $15.00.
All over first 1000 cu.ft. is $14.00 per thousand.

Cost adjustment will be calculated on a monthly basis.

Electricity Rates

Residential Rates
First 40 KWH
Over 40 KWH
$0.13 per KWH


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